There is no way humans can manage 100 million sets of data every 20 seconds

Think of all those processes that are quite hard for you to manage!

- Remembering large amounts of data

- Managing large amounts of incoming or out going data

- Analysing data to numeric form

- Parsing language to digital forms

On a mission to build make bots smart!

Fibo is a startup building next generation P2P network and Machine Learning products.
We think one of the main problems in Machine Learning development is the AI-coaching part. You should not have a PhD to be able to train an AI for you needs.

Next Generation Technology

Fibo name is derived from the Fibonacci sequence. This "Golden Ratio" is at the core of Reed-Solomon algorithm that we have taken and applied on top of our custom P2P distributed technology. Fibo Network's secure and distributed cloud technology enables you to query real-time information or notifications from multiple bot brains and api sources.

Reed-Solomon algorithm provides security

Fibo is built as an autonomous system that automatically connects machines into a network where they talk to each others, as parents, brothers, healers and masternodes. Data is split to parts and distributed, enabling super security.

Fibo Turing Machine can run any algorithm

We've taken inspiration from Alan Turing's writings and the community's tests on Turing Machine. Our machine runs one simple algorithm that is fed with a tape of instructions to read and write what it "sees" as result. Fibo Turing Machine is capable of handling several data types, ranging from HTML-structures to image pixels.