Turn unstructured data to structured data

Emails, PDF and chats to organised data you can use later
70% of the data you use daily is still unstructured

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Fibo Interbot machine learning tools and algoritms provide all of the tools you need to automate your business processes.

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The Value of Fibo

From unstructured to structured data

Natural languages, like email, pdf or chat content are unstructured data and really hard to automate.
70% of corporation data is still unstructured and hence not automated.

Fibo unique Machine Learning technology can turn this content in strucutured data to be processed elsewhere. Providing a guaranteed 50%+ improvements in cost saving and increased efficiency.

For example: customer service costs in Europe are on average 2-3€ per solved customer case. With Fibo Smartbots you can bring this down to 0.20€ per solved customer case.

There is no way humans can manage 100 million sets of data every 20 seconds

Think of all those processes that are quite hard for you to manage!

- Remembering large amounts of data

- Managing large amounts of incoming or out going data

- Analysing data to numeric form

- Parsing language to digital forms

Virtual Assistant Benefits

Increase efficiency in repetitive tasks.
Save your team members' time to focus on the important stuff.

Get work done 24/7 and pay on-demand.
Set Hours
Set customized working hours. Turn on/off your Virtual Employee whenever you want.
Fast learning and always up-to-date with latest technologies.
Free testing
Test the bots before hiring. No more need for uncertain trial periods, you know exactly what you get.
Ultra secure
Security of your data. Fibo controls the algorithms to prevent data leaks.
The processes are distributed to the our proprietary decentralised system

Next Generation Technology

Fibo name is derived from the Fibonacci sequence. This "Golden Ratio" is at the core of Reed-Solomon algorithm that we have taken and applied on top of our custom P2P distributed technology. Fibo Network's secure and distributed cloud technology enables you to query real-time information or notifications from multiple bot brains and api sources.

Reed-Solomon algorithm provides security

Fibo is built as an autonomous system that automatically connects machines into a network where they talk to each others, as parents, brothers, healers and masternodes. Data is split to parts and distributed, enabling super security.

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