Neural Turing Machines

Intelligent Process Automation

We automate any Manual Tasks by breaking them into small controlled tasks.

Build your own blueprint tape for the tasks

Then let Fibo Turing Machine to automate the task for you.
No coding or installation needed

What you get is a seriously cutting edge AI-automation with a fraction of the costs for building it yourself.
Increase productivity within hours

We promise to have your intelligent process automation setup within hours.


In essence, you get a super easy-to-use interface to control your blueprint's processes. The rest we offer as part of the service.
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Invoice Reader
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Get in touch, we do an assesment and propose simple starting points of automation
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The blueprint training.
Together we build the blueprints for you. We event write some custom code if needed for command actions or custom modules.
Deployment within 1 month
As many of the processes are modular and we have the modules usually ready, we aim to deploy within one month.

Deployment in any interface you prefer like email, your own API or Slack.


Invoice / Receipt Accounting
The blueprint reads the needed data from invoice and sends them to accounting. Integrated in your email or slack channels.

Fibo Docs

Real Estate documentation reading
The blueprint reads and organises housing data on demand from thousands of documents. Helps to evaluate value and current state of the possible repairs.

Fibo Docs
Command Actions

Email writing assistant for sales team
The blueprint looks for previous sales emails and build a knowledge base for information and faq answers. Integrated with your email/chat system, your sales team has knowledge base to help them write text that really helps to improve conversion.

Fibo NLP
Fibo Docs


$0.2 / h
For each module running
Scales automatically, with a reasonable costs
Sign up now, you'll have 30h runtime free until we charge you.



Fibo is building a Neural Turing Machine.

Fibo offers AI-automation services, for whom all you need is to give input and sample outputs. The machine will figure out how to get similar outputs from the inputs, regardless of language or platform environment.

We call this OS in the Cloud.

One of the blueprint modules is FIBO DOCS, an AI that automatically learns to find the data from your documents, receipts and memos.

Try Fibo Docs

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