A.I. technology
Improving lives
We are Fibo Labs - home of the AnalysisMode™ AI platform yielding 5x more discoveries in Biotech R&D, and the AI-powered IT management SprintHack™ platform for CEOs.


Founded in 2016 as a NLP technology provider to the Finnish public sector, which was later repurposed as the core engine of an award-winning AI platform for Biotech R&D.

The sparking idea of Fibo was born in 2014, with the purpose of making deep-technologies such as AI and computing power - used for a higher purpose. Fibo’s name is a reference to Fibonacci’s golden ratio, a mathematical phenomena present in all organisms in nature. We stand for technologies which have a positive impact in people’s lives, such as health, wellness, and longevity.

Product Catalog

Form a tech team around you to get what you need, faster & better

SprintHack™ is an AI-powered Product Management and Architecture platform for CEOs. Helping companies develop 4x faster and create more impactful products without worrying about the resources.

AI models in 2 weeks,
500% more discoveries in 100 days

AnalysisMode™ is an AI platform for Biotech R&D empowering scientists to yield 5x more results. From predictive analytics to designing lab experiments, our AI steers the R&D towards success.

Ready to filter Biotech datasets,
powered by 400K gameplays in 98 countries.

AnalysisMode AminoCrush™ is a citizen science game, leveraging players - human-based computation - to filter large amounts of data on vaccine and drug discovery, and find the best candidate formulas.